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Our Philosophy

American Mortgage Fund is a boutique investment firm which offers investors consistent returns and the highest level of investor services. We are passionate about giving you the returns you deserve after a lifetime of investing wisely.

We believe in working with select, highly qualified, investors. We intentionally work with fewer investors and projects in order to retain higher returns and levels of service. Our perfect partners are highly qualified investors who appreciate excellent investors services almost as much as high level of returns.

Our Top 3 Goals

Work with Highly Qualified Investors

While some investment groups have low barriers , we choose to have higher requirements for investors.

Pass on Returns and Value to Investors

As a boutique firm, we work to keep our costs so we can pass on the highest returns to our investors.

Offer the Highest Level of Service in the Industry

We aim to give each our investors personalized service and attention. We believe you deserve it!

Our President

David Crantz

David Crantz


Mr. Crantz is a third-generation lender with over 30 years personal experience in private mortgage lending. Over his career he has owned multiple mortgage companies and managed funds with holdings in excess of $350M. As you can see below when it comes to mortgage investing David literally wrote the book on it!

Road Map to Mortgage Investing

David Crantz, third generation private money lender, shares the investment strategies that built financial independance for his own family. Learn how to develop your own mortgage investment strategy and see how investments secured by real estate can benefit your portfolio.

Experience Counts

Our team has one purpose: to take our hard earned experience across multiple markets and economic cycles and provide them to you in a complete system to assist you to give the most possible success in earning money assisting investors and business owners to obtain financing.

Our team has experience spanning a total of combined funding in excess of $1 Billion over the last 37 years.


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Main Line: (888) 247-7734

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20281 SW Birch St Suite #200
Newport Beach, CA

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